Studio A

Studio A Mics Studio A Square Band Room

Studio A is where the magic happens, from our mood lit panels to our wide range of professionally tuned acoustic treatment you can see this is our premier suite.

At the heart of Studio A is our Argosy fit Logic Pro 9 rig featuring a Presonus Studiolive 24 with an Imac, Rokit KRK10’s and several high end rack mounted preamplifiers and effects units, there are large drawers filed with guitar pedals, leads,electronic effects, microphones and anything else a studio would need.

This room oozes with colour and vibe and is large enough to comfortably fit even the largest of artists. It has a full functioning 144 point patchbay which is wired into Studio B, Live Room A and Studio B.

This room also features a band area at the back of the room where there is a couch for people to comfortably track and an entertainment system for band members who are not currently tracking.